Ink harvester progress 1

That's the version 0.1 of the ink-harvester box design. I ended up designing my own enclosure, instead of using Altoids box, though they're the same size.

-The suction exhaust pulls the air containing soot particles from the surroundings.
-A syringe with 1 way valve is being used as the pump which will push the ink into the cartridge.

Next phase,

- Design the carbon separator using capacitive plates. The air comes in with a lot of dust most of which dust and other particles. The powdery black soot separated from rest is what we're interested in.
This principle is used in Chimneys to reduce the carbon particles injected into the atmosphere.

- Interfacing a small sachet that mixes Isopropyl Alcohol and Gum arabic to the powder. I am going to use this DIY pump design for the constant flow of powder to the system

Harvester setup in a box with syringe pump
DIY Pump Design


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