Touchable and holdable: Beauty of objects

Here is an auto-rickshaw repair process I regularly notice during my visit to Kanakpura, Bangalore.

  • An image of the interaction while the repair process is on:


  • An image of the parts that are laid down during assembly and disassembly.

The multimodal interaction of the repairguy with the engine above is natural, rich and can't get better and we're trying to replicate this through gestures and modalities such as touch/haptics etc. This is the holy grail as I feel.

The interfaces around us are shifting hastily from CLI to more graphic and natural user interfaces. Where the graphic aspect helps bring the visual nature of the real world closer the the user's cognition, the NUI aspect makes the story fluid.

We're surrounded by objects that are means of day-to-day interaction in our lives. Image 3 (by Bret Victor )probably explains the importance of our interaction with them, and proves to be my inspiration for future work with touchable/holdable/fee-able/tangible interfaces.

Quoting Vitor below:

"Okay then, how do we manipulate things? As it turns out, our fingers have an incredibly rich and expressive repertoire, and we improvise from it constantly without the slightest thought. In each of these pictures, pay attention to the positions of all the fingers, what's applying pressure against what, and how the weight of the object is balanced"

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