Updates Post midterm new

Oh, the EventRelay was so wonderful we just knew :-)

On 24th and 25th July I was busy with my Google Summer of Code doing-
1. The Wiki Page with information about the project readily accessible
2. Some Code Cleanup
3. Adding protected bins on the the repository, so that mentors could try out each.
4. Change-log maintainance

Apart this I am working atm on how gestures will work now. A separate blogpost should explain how our team is going to go about it. :-)

Add to this I have a deadly series of exams coming up few hours from now!! Just following this post I've an Operating Systems test to write. Studying about deadlocks, making farras, FIFO, SSTF etc :-/ hehe. Why is our desi education system so much about cramming( commit to memory and vomit on paper) ?

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