Gestures Plan

My thoughts were triggered after I read the Bill Buxton argument.

We must focus on streamlining the interaction. by number of gestures minimum, using them only when they're required and naturally usable.-> Simpler and better SketchUp design and modeling experience. This implies that we should using Multitouch in only one thing-> Camera motions in Sketchup i.e. Zoom, PAN and Orbit
There are two modes I am thinking about-

MODE 1 Camera= Initialized using a Button1 from a new SketchUp MT Toolbar

1. Zoom-Drag apart two fingers/MT cursors
2. Orbit- Keep two fingers constant and move third vertically to the axis of the two.

X X O ^

3. Pan- Drag in any direction with single finger

MODE 2 Drawing= Initalized using Button2 from SketchUp MT toolbar

- SketchUp's drawing interface is meant to be exploited using single touch(mouse) so we plan not messing around with that - Therefore we're drawing with the help of mouse emulation and it'll do. by just checking if the amount of fingers/touches (TUIO cursors) ==1 and then emulating the MOUSE.
Trying to draw in sketchup using MT might be analogical to killing a mosquito with a stick.

So let's keep the drawing Single Touch

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