Pwned! FOSS event concluded!

Duh! Long overdue for this post. Almost 500 students attended the FOSS Fest during Sakshama :-) Mostly undergrad prefinal and final year engineering students. We started barely 20 days before and managed to finish everything right in time! quickfire way :-)

Most of us wishfully had almost none or less than 2-3 hours of sleep for the 3 days of the event, it was fun! - Reason: The days were reserved for the FOSS talks, and the mid-nights for Hands-on DIY sessions.

Thanks to: Leslie and Ellen from Google Open Source Office, Rahul Sundaram and Shankarsan for Fedora goodies, Kinshuk for the help he provided in managing the event, kunal for the t-shirts printing, skbohra, niyam, paras, manu, chits, jdk, zugard team and all the juniors who worked hard together to make the event success :-)

The experience can't by described in this short sleep deprived post. :-) Till the longer version, a small Flickr Stream of some photographs.

 Here's the FOSS GN09 Report

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  1. I am sure you had fun. You were not visible in IMs back those days . :P