Precoding updates

1. Code Repository setup at Google Code

2. Recently I tried out Colin Harris's Ruby TUIO client from , it took me a little longer time (more than expected) to figure out if its working since I was using Adobe Air based SimTouch.air and socketserver executable to do my tests- which didnt work with our Ruby Client.
Though later it responded perfectly with ReactiVision TUIO Simulator 1.4 . I could print the TUIO messages :-)

3. Yet to figure out how we're going to implement the Ruby Client within GoogleSU's interface, I am doing my experiments around Google SU right now. Since I am a bit n00bish with the Ruby API's application with networking, for now not very sure how it'll be loaded INTO the GoogleSketchUp , though i've to try :-)

4. For now I am wondering if we should really go on and apply multitouch to drawing in Google SketchUp , since Sketchup alredy allows to draw using Single Touch. Ofcourse the Multitouch gestures can be technically implemented here, but I want to know if there's really a point into doing something with Multitouch that's alredy possible easily in with Single point-of-contact.
More on this after some community discussion with other fellow NUIGroup friends and SketchUp community members :-)

~ Google just announced that it's giving an yearly membership to ACM to us as gift this year to GSoC students :) yay! {grin}

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