Google SoC: I am in :)

After falcon4ever and tito's hint I was keeping my fingers crossed. Phew ! at 12:30 AM IST 22 April dot, the results for Google Summer of Code -2009 were announced. Sudhanshu broke me the news on call, I was in ! It was one of the best moments of my life- the feeling within was a mix of several emotions- The mood was upbeat, yet I had in mind the upcoming summer ahead. Being selected is just the beginning, the real groundwork starts now.

I proposed my own idea " A Multitouch extension Module for Google SketchUp" . Its going to be mentored by Pawel Solyga . I hope to make it something that Google SketchUp lovers would love to see on their Multitouch tables. Its a challenge ahead , and I am looking forward to it. So summer 2009 - Lotsa hacking and Ruby Programming.

As many as three students were selected from my college. Shreekant and Abhinav made it to Sahana and XIPH respectively. And yeah Mangalore ! Sharath Patali for the good NUIPaint was also in. Great to see a good pack of friends around :-)

I thank nuiman, rbedi100, falcon4ever, pawel, adithya, jimmyhertz , to read on and help me with my application , and further crystallize my idea. Getting selected for the GSoC wouldn't have been easy without the help i received from the community ! Yay! nuigroup :)

Here's Pawel talking about Multitouch and Opensource.


  1. Congratulations, man!! :D Anxious the "multi-touch" Google Sketchup ;)

  2. Hey congrats, all the best for your " A Multitouch extension Module for Google SketchUp" its seems good. Pawel with have fun with it.