First Prize at IIT Kanpur's Techkriti

We got our table running at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur's annual technical festival- Techkriti, one of the largest ones in India and voila ! got First Prize there :) 
Number of Teams at the exhibit-20
Number of Projects that applied- approx 400

A lot of hardware including the whole wooden box setup and the large projector had to be shipped around 300 Kilometers from here- and explaining Multitouch/FTIR/NUIGroup to the audience for 3 long days countless number of times. And that paid off well :) with some moolah raking in, well the first prize got us richer by Rs. 30000/- , enough money to let us by the new Lasers and a couple of cameras for a new multitouch setup. 

The team which made a Robotic Hand from Delhi College Of Engineering got the second prize :-) Congratulations to them.

Some Pics from the Gallery

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