Plans for the Multitouch Console :)

It all started in way back in the humid month of August, 2008, when we planned to build a multitouch table prototype on our own. The terms like "complaint surface" , "display ratio", "angle of throw" started to make a little sense to us. I showed the NUI video to Sudhanshu, Rahul - after getting mesmerized by what all is achievable by Multitouch they got fired up :-) We were a team now. Soon started the after classroom planning session, three of us would meet after the college-time and pondered on how it will be done. We were clear about what we wanted to have/achieve, although "how to do it" wasn't still clear to us.
Due to Google Summer of Code 2008 I was in touch with Divesh Jaiswal, who had helped us quite a lot everywhere we faced a difficulty. During the summer hols, when Deej( Divesh) was in Delhi , we fixed up a meeting, thereby I could get my hands on the high powered Infrared LEDs, and ROSCO, which could have been a pain to find otherwise.
Returning to college that time was a joy. Rahul and Sudhanshu bursted with excitement as soon as they saw me entering our hostel with the Roll of ROSCO and a pack of LEDs ;-) We were alredy on the way to make it.
That's how it all started, Rahul did the CAD design for us, we chose to make our display at 16:9 display ratio, as it avails and allows a better working area. Our project would be called "Aseemit Sparsh" aka "Sparsh" in short ,in Hindi aseemit=limitless :sparsh=touch

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